Tax for Individuals

We advise on individual income tax issues relating to:

  • Residency for tax purpose
    • Australian Resident for tax purpose including foreign source income (employment, rental, capital gains tax, pension, dividends),
    • Foreign resident for tax purpose
    • Tax for temporary resident (Visa 457 etc.)
    • Tax for working holiday makers (Visa 417 and or Visa 462)
  • Individual business such as GST / BAS / IAS, PAYG, Personal Service Income (PSI), Small Business Entity (SBE) rules, CGT concession
  • Income such as allowances, employment termination and lump sum payment, superannuation income stream and lump sum payment, rental income and expenses, dividend income, foreign source income
  • Tax on sales of assets including shares, management funds, bullion, residential properties, rental properties, capital gains and exemptions under act for capital gains tax (CGT)
  • Deductions regarding car, travel, uniform, self-education, work related expenses interest
  • Tax offsets regarding seniors, invalid, spouse superannuation contribution, zone, private health insurance etc.
  • ATO accounts analysis
  • Tax administration including deferral and private ruling
  • Tax minimization strategies