Requirements of Lodgment

Who need to lodge an Australian tax return?

As a general rule, residents of Australia for tax purposes pay Australian tax on their worldwide income, whilst non-residents and temporary residents pay tax only on income from Australian sources.

Taxpayers who must lodge a tax return include:

  • Taxpayers are an Australian resident and their taxable income was more than the tax-free threshold who has had tax withheld from that income.
  • Taxpayers are a foreign resident and earned more than $1 in Australia during the financial year.
  • Taxpayers are leaving Australia permanently or for more than one financial year.

Who do not need to lodge an Australian tax return?

Taxpayers do not need to lodge an Australian tax return if taxpayers are a foreign resident and taxpayers’ only Australian-sourced income was interest, dividends or royalties from which non-resident withholding tax has been correctly withheld.

How and when to lodge your Australian tax return?

Time to lodge a tax return is normally each year between 30 Jun and 31 Oct.

Lodgment extensions will usually be given if written notice is forwarded to the Commissioner before 31 October.

Tax agents are normally granted extensions for taxpayers who are listed with the ATO as their clients before individual tax due date (normally 31 October).

Taxpayers are required to lodge tax return through tax agents or directly with ATO.

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